Monday, September 28, 2009

Who doesn't love the idea of walking up to a dispensing machine, and being able to withdraw, whatever drug sparks your fancy? It's a thing of genius; almost.

Drug Dispenser

The computerized drug
Dispensing machine,
It's a thing to behold
And must be seen,
Just enter your password
And a special code,
Open the door
And collect your load.

Choose the drug
That fits your mood,
Like a restaurant
With your favorite food,
Come back for seconds
If you need some more,
There is an endless supply
At the drug-dispenser store.

If there is a queue at the machine
Take a number and wait,
Come back in a while
For a drug selection date,
You won't be disappointed
It's like the candy shop,
Get some extra samples
Your friends might want to swap.

There are many clever features
Like keeping track of your transactions,
Though I suspect the obvious
Big Brother, knows our actions.

But there are always ways to cheat
Though I can't reveal them here,
Meet me after work, with a case of Bud
And I'll gladly bend your ear.


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