Sunday, September 27, 2009

These days, we're constantly bombarded with "celebrity" news. Even if you're not the slightest bit interested, you just can't avoid knowing about all the idiotic antics of the temporarily rich and famous. Take Peter Pan for example...........

Like Peter Pan

When I'm irritable, aching and tired
And feeling down like a double-deuce,
I know exactly what I need
Some of that celebrity MJ juice;
Some prefer to call it Propofol
And others Diprivan,
Just please inject it into my vein, right now
And I'll sleep like Peter Pan.

When my little ones were babies
It helped them when they were teething,
Despite the fact, that I had heard
It might affect their breathing,
Then I began to use it
When I couldn't get to sleep,
My private doctor delivers it
And frankly he ain't cheap,
Which proves that he has ethics
At least one or two, I'm sure,
For a one hundred thousand bucks a month
He guarantees a cure.

It reminds me of my mothers milk
As a baby, I drank it often,
Now, please don't bother me, I need to sleep
In my hyperbaric coffin.


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