Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'll be hitting 60 in quattro years. Thanks to the almighty Pixie, I'm way healthier than all of the clients who roll through the doors. Take the 39 year old guy who was in for Acute MI #3. The deal was, that 10 days ago, he had an elective Cardiac Cath with Stent placement to his Right Coronary Artery. After his free-7 day supply of Plavix ran out, he didn't order anymore. Somehow that pack-per-day cigarette habit, seemed more important. This time he returned with full blown acute Stent closure MI with cardiac arrest, Intra-aortic balloon pump, Hypothermia protocol, etc.
When he finally got extubated 4 days later, he seemed to have lost a few brain cells in the flux, but did finally discharge home, with the S/O he now wants to marry. She's the one that deserves a medal for sticking by his lame and lazy side. Anyway, I'm healthier than he is.

Still, even old warriors get punked out a little. To go to work, feeling like maybe I've got a touch of the piggy flu or maybe I'm suffering from California wild-fire smoke pollution, I wore out fast during the two nights I spent at work. We have a running joke in the ICU where I hang my proverbial hat. If there are any whacked out, crazy, on the call-bell every 15 minutes, or totally psycho nutcase patients, you can bet that either Jerry or I, will automatically have that assignment, if one of us is working. That's how it was last night.

Hello Shanna, I'm your Nurse for the night. Shanna responds, "Why do you want to kill me?". She says this over and over, for the next 15 minutes. It only got better when she started yelling obscenities. And that was just the first hour. The Morphine and Ativan sort of helped, but then again, maybe not. Ms. L. was as usual, somehow helpful with her calming presence. Thanks, K.

The night ended with my following thoughts around the theme of Going Home:

Go Home Now

I have to go home
When I'm tired of the bull,
All the idiotic innuendo
I eventually get full,
All the Care-plan duplications
And the unrelenting charting,
I have to go home now
Goodbye, I'm departing.

I have to go home
When my inertia is lost,
It was stolen by someone
Or maybe it was tossed,
Into the trash by mistake
By the legally blind,
I have to go home now
I hope you don't mind.

I can't stay any longer
Unless you're willing to pay,
Double-time for my troubles
There's just no other way,
That I can put up with this garbage
That I shoveled all night,
Don't threaten to keep me
I'll put up a fight.

I'm home now, and happy
Just typing this note,
A glass of wine in my hand
While my thoughts drift and float,
On the stream of contentment
Amidst bubbles and foam,
I'm so glad I left work
Because now I am home.


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