Sunday, July 05, 2009

Picture this scenario: The patient, a young mother dying with cancer, a family in crisis, a husband going ballistic, a teenage son overwhelmed with the burden he is shouldered with, a grandmother newly arrived from the old country, without a lick of spoken English. Then, the patient has a respiratory arrest: the outcome.........chaos!

Letter To Sergei

In my letter to Sergei:
There's so much I want to say,
I recognize your anger
But don't aim it our way,
We care for your wife
Much like you do,
Just a different perspective
Than the loving husband view.

We want the best for her
And we're doing what we can,
Please hold back your anger -
Be strong; be her man,
Her protective custodian
Her pillar of stone,
If we can all share this space
She won't be alone.

We suffer your loss
We're included in your pain,
Love is a journey
It is never in vain;
I see the strength of your love
And recognize your power,
Please set aside your anger
And love her, one more hour.


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