Friday, June 26, 2009

My co-contributor in Virginia has sent another riveting story of his Nursing life; enjoy!

Life on Neuro Unit

The patients were all quiet,
The night was quite slow.
'Til this guy with a stroke
Complained of gout in his toe.

He asked for some morphine,
So like a good nurse.
I drew up the max,
And said “thanks”, when he’d curse.

I pushed it in quickly
So it would act really fast.
I’d just give him another
When that didn’t last.

But, things don’t always work
The way they are planned.
He saw bugs on the wall
In dinosaur land.

He stood in his bed
And in some Shakespearian verse,
Screamed “I’m Dorothy, you wicked witch of the East”
And then pee’d on his nurse.

And with all the excitement,
Sir Dorothy’s pressure did soar.
And with one pirouette
He was flat on the floor.

Well, he wasn’t really hurt
When he fell from that bed.
Except maybe that subdural
He got in his head.

And the coumadin didn’t help none
As he took all those knocks.
Nor did the Aspirin,
Least of all, Lovenox.

Now I’m writing the report
Doing all the explaining.
While “Dorothy” pushes up daisies
And does no complaining.

S. H.

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