Friday, December 21, 2007

1997. We were using live-leeches for certain wounds, to protect the microvasculature. Leech saliva contains Hirudin, which is an anticoagulant. It got me thinking and that led to this:

Leech Spit

Leech spit for you
Hirudin for me,
With a torque wrench or hammer
Get your leech spit for free,
Fat bloody suckers
Latch onto your skin,
They suck up the pus
And keep your blood thin.

When those fat little suckers
Have appeased their appetite,
Apply the leech tweezers
To loosen their bite,
You can toss them in a salad
With garlic and oil,
Or throw them in the garden
To enrich the soil.

Leech spit is tasty
Just take it from me,
It's better than jelly
Or a fancy French Brie,
Spread on your cracker
While at brunch with the Queen,
And you don't have to floss
Because it keeps your teeth clean.

Fibril_late; 1997

Thursday, December 20, 2007

As it turns out, you should read the previous entry ("So Very Clear"), before reading this one, (but that is not human nature), so I digress.
Together, these two poems, chronicle events that were happening in the same time frame. Thus, if you were to read the previous one, maybe it would all make some total sense.

Digging My Hole

I'm bound to get in more trouble
Digging my hole deep and wide,
But after our "attitude" meeting
Our morale, just rolled over and died.

Theoretically, as professional persons
We can communicate by "Doyles book of Rules",
But we're all emotional cretins
And few of us have all the tools.

I've commented before in my ramblings
About the ways in which real people talk,
The mirroring/rephrasing proponents
Make me cover my ears and squawk,
To me, it's too stilted and phony
Lacking empathy and a sense of connection,
I believe that it alienates people
And personally, I want some protection.

I'm bound to get in more trouble
For spreading my thoughts in the press,
But I'm merely recording my insights
As a participant in this morale building mess.

Fibril_late; 1995
It was 13 years ago. There were some heavy emotions and discord, curdling among our night shift crew. The Unit Manager had us all sit down together, in an attempt to attain an accord of understanding, and presumption of harmonious relations. It wasn't easy, it didn't flow smoothly, but in the end, compromise was reached and our journey together resumed on a fresh course.

So Very Clear

It's all, so very clear
But I question our success,
Ten people trying to communicate
To clarify a mess.

With our new found understanding
Will we share a common oath?
Or did we polarize our differences
And shatter hopes of growth.

Surely, we won't walk away
As though we are starting anew,
The memories of our discord
Are ingredients in the brew,
It just depends on how we stir it
And the elements we add to the pot,
Will it be a culinary masterpiece
Or just a soup, that's too damn hot?

Fibril_late; 1995

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A.I.C.D. to those of us who know,.....refers to an Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator. I wrote this at least ten years ago, and revised it today. Not just to bring it up to date, but I know I'm a little better at writing too. Don't expect miracles, OK?


The automatic implantable
Draws comparison
To something like
An angry alligator.

It's a guardian of the heart
And it has some discrimination,
But once the threshold is crossed
There's no possibility of evasion.

Imagine, deep inside of you
A reptile in repose,
Just waiting for your ventricle
To forget the things it knows,
The reptilian response
Is intriguing to explore,
That cold blooded, sleeping 'gator
Is just a hungry carnivore.

The device is touted broadly
As the answer to your needs,
Although placement has gotten easier
Everybody bleeds,
And the shock of the employment
When the device might save your life,
Might be that night of nooky
With your happy, smiling wife.

To utilize this gadget
You must understand its' name,
It requires a prescription
In the medical-lingo game,
Thus, discussing ye olde acronym
A. I. C. D. and all,
The medical establishment
Will rally at the call.

The "A" is for automatic
How it determines, when to fire,
It considers heart rate and morphology
And the odds if you will expire,
Taking into consideration
Last will, Trust and all bequeathments,
Calculating death expenses
And subsequent bereavements.

It is commonly felt that "Implantable"
Is the word, best attached to the "I",
But contrary to that opinion
It's a concept I boldly deny,
I contend that it's a part of the
Medical-miracle always a cure over-rate-able,
In an endless array
If you got bucks to pay
For the price that is always inflatable.

The "C" could stand in for anything
But here, it corresponds to your heart,
If your Doctor believes that you need it
You'd better be playing your part,
Doing research on all of the avenues
Acquiring a second opinion, too,
Be your own consumer advocate
Before committing to saying, "I do".

The "D", is up for discussion
Though it's translated, to imply defibrillator,
If you ask me, a better description
Would define it as, de-liberator,
When you think of the dead guys we are saving
Who otherwise would have departed,
When their heart started flippin' and floppin'
And their A.I.C.D. got it started.

If they had reserved a heavenly timeshare
Some years in the far distant past,
There might be a statute of limitation
Because that heavenly place fills up fast,
Thus, you might lose your priority status
And survive, to commit mortal sin,
Losing your passport to Heaven
When St. Peter, won't let you come in.

I'm hoping you take into consideration
The facts I have carefully spelled out,
Debarking on the path of the A.I.C.D.
You must choose, when you have no more doubt,
Remember to visualize the image
An alligator awaits your instruction,
His bite might surprise you during dinner
While his goal is to prevent your destruction.

1996 / 2007