Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Poem drifting in the breeze.

To Win The Game

I met a corpse
That wouldn't die,
So I asked the man
Please tell me why,
He couldn't quit
His busted frame,
And he replied
"It's just a game".

When I was young
I went to school,
I memorized
The Golden Rule,
My teachers said
"Son, what's your aim"?
And I replied
"It's just a game".

When I grew up
I looked around,
And tried to figure
What I had found,
I had success and
Love and fame,
But something whispered
"It's just a game".

In later years
When I wore out,
Some people heard me
Scream and shout,
I said to them
"I bear no shame",
'Cause life is just
A little game".

Now, I'm lying here
And my time is up,
I think I've finally
Drained my cup,
I've told the story
Of why I came,
So you might learn
It's just a game.

Fibril_late; 1990's

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another classic dredged up from the Archives of The Underside:

Tumbling Dominoes

She has been here several weeks
And had every kind of tube,
Can you believe, she was admitted
For just a jiffy-lube?
Her heart was sorta sluggish
And her blood was quite anemic,
And just like tumbling dominoes
Her brain became ischemic.

Combative and demonic
Obesity berserk,
She started bustin' up the place
And nearly killed a clerk,
We loaded her with Versed
Morphine and some Ativan,
Enough to kill an elephant
It knocked her on her can.

But side effects are side effects
And some can lead to death,
We finally had silenced her
But we took away her breath,
So she earned the respirator
It was the prize behind door three,
It includes a year of tubing
And a therapist for free.

Now her respiratory failure
Brought on shock and RDS,
Why, in just a couple hours
She became a total mess,
Reversible?, it's possible
But it's not the likely course,
We can treat her up the yin yang
But can't replace the lost life-force.

Because the woman was a time-bomb
Just waiting to explode,
She had multi-system failure
From a life on lipid road,
Her triglycerides set records
That will stand for many moons,
She had a steady diet
Of booze and macaroons.

Her husband was no better
He paid the grocery bill,
You couldn't make them understand
Their type of life would kill,
Now lying here before us
Is a body, life supported,
And we're rushing around like maniacs
Because her heart beat just aborted,
And it seems a little pointless
To apply our super science,
To a person who spent years
In stubborn, health defiance.

Fibril_late; 1994

Monday, July 23, 2007

Todays headline, and comments.

The Biggest Asshole

"Doctors find no cancer in Bush's polyps"
Proof that cancer prevention is their role,
However, doctors did state they had found
Quite clearly the worlds biggest asshole.

Fibril_late; 7/23/07

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quite frankly, I have no idea when I wrote this one, but it's about a "LOL" Little Old Lady, getting ready to check out, and the outcome of being the recipient of a "911" call.

Dial 9-1-1 (and have some fun)

I'm alive, I can't believe it
I had given up to die,
I'd arranged to kick the frame today
No one cared to ask me why,
I have lived a long eventful life
But foresaw a painful death,
Then I was boldly interrupted
When I took my final breath.

A local family member
Discovered I was prone,
He heard me fall upon the floor
And thought he heard me moan,
In truth, I was rejoicing
It was time for me to run,
Well, then that sucker saved me
He dialed, 9-1-1.

A gorgeous hunk of Fireman
Drove right up to my door,
Assessed the situation
And figured he could score,
Attached me to a monitor
Announcing an arrest,
Resuscitated me, oh, Lord
With massage upon my breast.

Aroused I was, and more alive
Than I had been for years,
I clutched that fellow to my chest
And nibbled on his ears,
He had a fancy uniform
That I quickly slashed and ripped,
It was barely 30 seconds
Till that Fireman was stripped.

My cardiac arrest
Was instantly converted,
When that fellow aimed his hose at me
Cut loose and really squirted,
I bounded to my feet
Feeling totally renewed,
I'm going to tell my aging lady friends
That they should all get screwed.

Well, I've changed my way of thinking
I'm no longer so depressed,
When I need a little excitement
At first I get undressed,
Then, with a helpless cry
I dial 9-1-1,
My Fireman comes quickly
And boy, we have some fun!

Fibril_late; 1997

Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the suicide topic, there was a friend, who was a good husband, father, provider, scholar and accomplished dentist. He took his own life and checked out. I'm not sure why he did this, but he did tell me later not to worry about him, that everything was all right. When the dearly departed speak, what can you do but agree?

The Desperation

I can understand the desperation
that caused you to end your life.
Like turning off a light,
that had already dimmed
and only glowed with a dullness inside.

Crawl into the darkness
knowing without a doubt
there is no tomorrow.

High hopes
dashed upon the rocks of reality,
after a valiant struggle
in the undertow of life
giving up the fight;
alone in the surf.

Fibril_late; 1995
I'm not the suicide type, but I have on numerous occasions, been the Nurse of the suicide-attempter. What goes through their heads at the special moment? One of the more memorable ones, was an elderly fellow, who shot himself in the chest 5 times and missed all major vessels and heart. All he got out of it, was a new outlook on life and a chest-tube. However, I have written a few poems that examine the process.

Once a Rainbow Garden

Suicide is simple
I'll just drive right off the road,
The world is a heavy place
So I'll lighten up the load,
My life, it feels like madness
I wonder, what's the point of living,
Everyone is taking
I'm worn out, from all the giving.

Fatigue, an evil spirit
Has possessed my inner soul,
What was once a rainbow garden
Is now a dark and musty hole,
Resurrection?; it's unlikely
If circumstances have their way,
Yes, suicide is simple
Because it's just another day.

Fibril_late; 1995

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July; now the 5th of July, and what am I thinking about - - - - - sadly, this debacle in that Middle-Eastern land that our Leaders have dragged us through. Why should I care? Well number one, I have a close family member, who has this contract with the US Army and they want to take another "vacation" over there in August. Hmmmph! So I started to write this thing which I think is to contribute? I call it:

Slash, Burn and Kill

Call it a political mood
If you will,
The freedom with which our government
Will slash, burn and kill,
(July 4)

And I'm telling you now
That I'm totally pissed,
Our dead brothers and sisters
Will always be missed,
Their lives were given up
So the vultures could feed,
Those mouthfuls of men
With their menu of greed.
(July 6)

Under the guise of terrorism
Beneath the pseudonym of dollars,
The high-priests of capitalism
March in robes and stiff collars,
Spouting worn out sports metaphors
Where a solution always means a new war,
And our newly elected government reps
Are stranded on the shore.
(July 12)

And there are those that weep and moan
And those that wring their hands,
Some others pull their hair out
And plot disaster plans,
But what's the point of doing this
With our current administration,
They are fomenting terrorists as we speak
Planting seeds of devastation.
(July 19)

And still, the media moguls
Spout and print their propaganda,
There is Al Quaeda in our neighborhood
And a terrorist disguised as a Panda,
So the local zoo is cordoned off
The animals polygraphed,
Apparently, there were reports
Bin Laden was "giraffed".
(July 25)

I suspect, it seemed like nonsense
The stanza previously penned,
But the mouthpiece of our gov'ment
Tells us where to begin and end,
Just believe the media voices
As though the christian god hath spoken;
Now just suck-up the latest propaganda
And we thank you for your token.