Saturday, July 01, 2006

This Nightmare Ain't No Dream

There is a place I go at night
And dream the darkest dreams,
Blood, guts and gore, are frequent sights
And the air is pierced with screams,
Half a lifetime I will spend there
You needn't ask my why,
I've been chosen as an agent
To help the sick to die.

I assure you, it's not easy
To kick the frame today,
There's an awful lot of shit
You have to buy along the way,
Yes folks, it's modern medicine
Dedicated to save your lives,
We've traded in the leeches
For a full array of knives,
So if the part don't work
No problem, we'll replace it,
Your bank account is full?
No matter, we'll erase it.

I suspect you've probably guessed
The place I go each night,
I can't recommend you visit
It's bound to give you a fright,
And the shock might cause your heart
To tremble just a bit,
If our monitors suspect you
The fan will hit the shit,
Oh, flashing lights and loud alarms
The doors will lock behind you,
There's no escape, no place to hide
You know that we will find you,
So please enjoy your visit
I'm sure you'll find, it's just a scream,
At sunrise you'll awake to find
This nightmare ain't no dream.

Fibril_late; 10/92

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