Friday, June 02, 2006

Welcome to all readers and contributors to this blog.
The Underside of Nursing is a place for Nurses to share thier poetry/writings. I have been a writer for over 40 years, but once I entered the field of Nursing 25 years ago, I began to use poetry as a personal outlet as a means of processing the many powerful experiences I had during the course of my daily nursing practice. You might call it catharsis, or perhaps a way to work through post-traumatic distress. For the most part, I tried to make it funny (cynical and sarcastic, too).
From the years of 1992 to1998, I actually self-published my own little nursing-zine, with the same name as this blog and mailed it to a handful of subscribers to a few corners of the world. Perhaps you were one of them; if so, welcome back.
One thing I do know, we all have a story (or many) to tell. I like to make mine rhyme, but that isn't everyone's method. Merely the telling and sharing is where the true value lies. Please join me where few have dared to go..................deep into The Underside of Nursing.

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