Thursday, June 08, 2006

This poem, I wrote in memory of a remarkable man who survived not only a massive MI, but then had his left ventricle rupture, whereupon he was rushed to open-heart surgery and miraculously saved. I was his nurse during the night his ventricle was tearing and many other nights during his post-operative recovery. The poem is written in first-person, as though I was him; as he thinks about his wonderful life companion, who seemed to be always at his side.

Your Love

I'm living out a fantasy
Of a dream I never dreamt,
Just take it step by step they say
You'll never know till you attempt,
To strike a fair impression
Of the matter close at hand;
Can you wait with me a moment
It's time for me to stand,
Let me hold your hand, support me
I need you by my side,
Can you take the time to help me
I know I almost died,
But your love, it was the thread
That kept me on this plane,
And your love that still sustains me
It eliminates the pain.

Fibril_late; 11/87

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