Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Television; TV. Ugh, I avoid it if all possible. However, CNN does have a tendency to focus on the madness, megalomaniacs and mayhem in the world. Otherwise, their quality stinks (according to me). So, I had to write something about the truly whacked out whacko's in the world. Enjoy.

Megalomaniacs Anonymous

It’s good to have
At least one fan,
When executing
Your master plan,
A devotee
To support your vision,
To help protect you
From derision.

A megalomaniac
Needs a crowd of supporters,
Obedient minions
To follow his orders,
He’s got a message to spread
And it isn’t easy,
When half of his ideas
Make most of us queasy.

It’s good to belong
To a group or a charter,
Though the crazier you are
It seems a little harder,
To find like minded souls
Who share your ideals,
But, there are plenty of whacko’s
Who will respond to your appeals.

Even a tyrant needs love
A deep need to be wanted,
They have self-esteem issues
And often feel haunted,
Hearing voices, having visions
Making plans for all us sinners,
They need an entourage of peons
To plan for all the dinners.

It's a huge amount of work
To get ready for "the End",
Complicated logistics
A million details to attend,
And when you're a megalomaniac
You don't like to delegate,
Everyone else is stupid
Too bad; it's their fate.

There are plenty of role models
To imitate and adore,
Many famous religionists
Could show you the score,
With their well crafted teachings
Of eternal fire and pain;
Your pathway to success
Will be easy to attain.

Jim Jones had it down
And David Koresh,
Why, they were messiah's
Right here in the flesh,
Professing their craziness
Believed by their troops,
While the rest of us whispered
"Just look at those dupes".

Yes, it's good to have
At least one fan,
A million is better
With a helluva plan,
But should the day come
Where you just can't deal,
Megalomaniacs Anonymous
Will hear your appeal.

Fibril_late; 6/24/06

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