Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The second issue or TUoN was published in February of 1992. I got into the nitty-gritty of heart disease in a funny way. The first poem had to do with the unfortunate incident of defibrillating someone whom appeared to be in the sometimes fatal rhythm of Ventricular Tachycardia. In fact he was not, but rather his monitoring equipment was malfunctioning and it caused a simulated V.Tach rhythm to appear on monitor-scope. So, he was shocked a couple of times, when he didn't need to be. Luckily, no horrid outcomes ensued.

Tiny Bolts of Lightning

What if that V-tach, was not
You defibrillate, then what have you got,
An angry man, he's hurtin' too
And he'd like to get his hands on you,
Give him Versed, he'll forget his pain
Put an amnesia implant into his brain.

Defibrillate his wife
His kids and cousins too,
Synchronized electroshock
Can be very good for you.

It's better than, just vitamins
Minerals or yeast,
The stories that you've heard are true
It works on man or beast.

The synergistic step approach
Is the recommended style,
You build on each preceding jolt
As you're turning up the dial.

You'll know they've reached their nadir
When they're floating above the bed,
And tiny bolts of lightning
Come shooting from their head.

The public has acclaimed
That it's so rejuvenating,
They're signing up ahead of time
To try electroplating.

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