Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Phantomology: an update.
More on this exciting topic.

A Voluntary Trim

I am most sincerely stumped
Given any lost of limb,
By traumatic amputation
Or a voluntary trim,
Mysterious ideas
Of phantom this or that,
With the loss of excess adipose
Would you still feel "Phantom Fat?"

With a small cerebralectomy
Are the memories erased,
Can you measure phantom brainwaves
Are they twisted or displaced.

I'm considering a book
To address the phantom issue,
If your nose is lopped by accident
Do you wipe with phantom tissue?

If cranial nerves are missing
It's a major phantom deal,
You might lose a few sensations
Like hearing, sight and feel.

So I wouldn't recommend
Losing any pieces,
Just iron all your perma-press
And deal with phantom creases.

Fibri_late; 8/92

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Corn Dog said...

ha ha...this one is FABULOUS. I love it.