Friday, June 16, 2006

Nonsense! That's all it is. Funny? Heck ya!

Rubber Gasket

I was all shook up
When I heard the awful news,
That the plate up in my head
Was missing several screws,
It seems the doctor had forgotten
To implant a rubber gasket,
And now my brains are leaking out
So I’m shopping for my casket.

I thought I’d sue that doctor
But then I changed my mind,
He said he’d fill my brain up
With watermelon rind,
And then he’d seal the holes
With good old crazy glue,
Why, in just a couple minutes
I’d be feeling just like new.

The Bermuda Rectangle

There's a spot where I work
In one of the hallways,
Where my memory goes blank
Not once, but always,
A vacuous vortex
Like that Bermuda place,
To be more specific
It's a rectangular space.

I have several theories
That I can expound,
Till the day comes along
When the real one is found.

I think it's just one
Of several collectors,
That somehow is trapping
Invisible vectors,
From gamma ray fields
And thallium scans,
Magnetic images
And full body tans,
The morning chest X-rays
With their particle spray,
Are sucked into the vortex
Where the beams are at play.

In previous jobs
And all types of work,
I don't ever recall
This strange memory quirk,
Then one day I sought
Some workplace enjoyment,
And I went and acquired
University employment,
I trusted that foxy
Nursing recruiter,
Knowing what I know now
I should go back and shoot her,
Because each time I step
In the Bermuda rectangle,
My brainwaves acquire
A new twisted angle,
My memories are stolen
While lives are at stake,
What was planned as a broil
Turns into a bake.

I think I am done
Is this June or September,
Just what did I write about
I don't remember.

Fibril_late; 7/92

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