Monday, June 05, 2006

As mentioned in my last posting, the zine, "The Underside of Nursing" was published between 1992-98. The whole zine revolution mostly faded, or rather, surfed onto the Internet. I had to wait until it became really-mega easy, because although I utilize this fabulous medium for fun and research, I couldn't write a line of code if you held a loaded syringe at my carotid.
However, as advanced as some things have become, when one steps into the somewhat sterile world of a hospital, you are truly stepping into a series of repetitive historical events. Like history which keeps repeating itself, while only the players and the props (technological advances) change over time.
What's the point?
Well, all the stuff I wrote about in the past 20 years is relevant, even though today seems so much more "modern". So what I am about to do, is to present the once-been-told/original story of "The Underside of Nursing", in all of its chronological glory; piece by piece, with whatever commentary I see fit.
I hope you like it and hopefully, you will comment and my greatest wish, is that other nurse-writers will come out of the woodwork and contribute as well.



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