Thursday, June 08, 2006

As many nurses know, "doing everything" to save mom or dad who might be on thier last skinny leg (so to speak) is often like, flogging a dying horse. But our medical system promises a miracle around every corner, so we flog away...........thus inspiring, the battlecry of the pacemaker diehards.

You Can't Pace Meatloaf

You can't pace meatloaf
No matter how you try,
You can whip a dying horse
But you'll never make it fly,
You can do an E.E.G.
On a brain that's turned to mush,
You can buy a fancy comb
But you'll never make it brush,
You can treat the hypochondriac
But he'll always think he's sick,
You can train your good old dog
But he'll never learn the trick,
You can lead a cat to water
But you'll never make it dive,
You can zap the sudden deather
But never bring'em back alive,
No, you can't pace the meatloaf
Or defibrillate the salad,
And that's the way it goes
When you do the meatload ballad.

Fibril_late; 2/92

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